10 tips helping you enjoy the non-touristic Barra Grande


Barra Grande, a small village in Brasil one hour from Parnaiba and 6 hours from Fortaleza international airport with private transport (9 with the local bus).  At this moment a non- touristic village, that might be the reason why the local population welcomes you with open arms – really wide open arms. Next some tips which help you to enjoy your time in Barra Grande even more.

10- tips helping you enjoy non touristic Barra Grande;  Install google translate on your phone -might be useful to communicatie with the locals. Use the local supplies – nice to hear and learn about the local supplies and way easier. Get known to the local way of doing things, be non touristic – and open your eyes for some interesting findings. Western supplies – are not always there. The Beach – the beach is realy nice depending in the tide and wind conditions. It`s perfect for kitesurfing as well. The local beach- this one is different than the normal beach, more local. The sun worshiper- choose the ride tide and wind moment. Play with the wind and tides- this is important to make the most out of the nice beach Barra Grande. The kitespot Barra Grande Brasil – It`s reallly good for kitesurfing, you might need some tips for the perfect session Click here for more kitesurf! Besides kitesurfing, shopping and eating there are other things to do in Barra Grande, although not the things you expect if you are a real tourist.

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10 tips helping you enjoy the non-touristic Barra Grande

Enjoy your time in Barra Grande and Brasil!!  Have you been already in Barra Grande? Or are you on your way for a holiday in Barra Grande? Share your thoughts, questions and other tips below.


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