Hi there! 

I`am Mariska 🙂  an really enthusiastic traveler and fanatic kitesurfer, love to go on adventures with my boardbag and make my road around the world! if it is as cheap as possible, camping on the undiscovered beach or sleeping in a big hotel in an touristic place, sun, snow, rain or mud….I like it all.

A blog, why?

My live has always been different, there is always something happening bad or good doesn’t matter, never give up, all the challenges makes you stronger unless what other people think:

“Its oke to live a life that others don`t understand”

A lot of people ask me how do you do it? from what? the answer is creativity and saving (okay and a little “pigheaded”)

Why should you visit my blog?

the reason why you have ended up at my site, I will never know. If it is because you needed some information about a specific country, travelling or some spot information for kitesurfing, always welcome 🙂 . I would like to show you that everything is possible, no matter what other people think! You can travel anywhere, don`t let you hold down because of money or other issues use your creativity, be the someone else!

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