Kitesurfing in Barra Grande: inside tips and tricks


How to survive all the windy days in Barra Grande? Without getting bored, although getting bored in kitesurfing is unknown. If you don`t like to practice new tricks all day long and like to go on an adventure once in a while or see some more, its definitely worth it reading this information.


Tide and wind forecast

First off al at this place the tide is really (!) important to watch. It can safe your session. You can find the tidal table here with the wind forecast. It will be windy all day and night long, the question if there wil be wind is easy, YES. Use the forecast for for the direction, if it is slightly offshore it will turn in the afternoon, if it is really offshore it will stay gusty all day long. Choose the right wind months for Brasil (September/October/November/December). Other months canl be good as wel, this are the top months.

The extreme low tide means no water in the bay or lagoon (0.0), it latterly means you have to walk far for a good session in some water without breaking your ankles. Although nice tide is really nice for a walk along the beach and see where the stones and fishing nets are located. With the (extreme) high tide you hardly otice the nets, poles, stones, ankers, and trees in the water. Beter is 0.7 than its deep enough and still nice and flat for freestyle.

Kiting with extreme high tide means a lot (!) of chop.  Although I used the high tide for hydrofoiling which was perfect. You won`t notice the chop and everything is easily hidden deep enough under water. Before hydrofoiling, take a look when it is low tide where its safe and unsafe to go, perfect is the tide form 1.8. I liked the high tide also for practicing tricks on a waveboard you can use the chop for take off. So… choose the ride tide. With low water its nice and flat, perfect for freestyle! When it gets higher it will be more choppy.

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Different spots

But … the tide can be different used by changing location and discover private or surprisingly nice kitespots. In Barra Grande a lot of people offer trips to “secret” locations, “the lagoon” and “downwinders”. If you like kiting and you are advanced enough to go up/down wind…. Know that Barra Grande is perfectly situated in the middle of different spots.

  • The main beach, is a long sandy beach along the village Barra Grande. A lot of space and  some other kiters. A view fishing boats but not in the way. Along the beach are restaurants, kiteschools and rental places. Also some apartments are situated along this beach. This is the main kite – beach of Barra Grande. rIt is a nice, friendly, safe and social place. From here you can find your own little spot for kitesurfing or make a nice tour along the rocks too see the other beaches. With lower tide it will be shallow a long way out, perfect for beginners or intermediates or professionals practicing tricks. A lot farther out you will have more chop, with the ride tide really small waves, used for the wave- downwinders. With higher tide it will be deep everywhere. No stones just sand, the stones will be nicely formed as a small island upwind from the main beach. So also perfect for practicing your first meters as beginner. At the beach there is space enough to launch and land your kite. You can leave your bags safely on the beach.
  • Upwind you can find a hidden lagoon, only usable with the extreme high tide (!) it’s around half an hour kiting upwind. If there is no water in the lagoon, this place is also nice and shallow and better with higher tide than the rest of the main beach. Less chop and some small waves. And …. Right foot in front jump kickers!
  • Downwind  you will find the lagoon. In opposite to everywhere else here it will be more busy. But you can kite even more downdind and find your own space. The wind is slightly more gusty because of the wind direction and coming a bit over the dunes. You can go here by “donkey-taxi” but it’s a few minutes to kite. And the taxi goes 15km a hour so if you can calculate… 🙂 The wind will be there whole day so no need to be worried not to come back. The taxis will be there anyway waiting till the last kiter disappears out of the lagoon.
  • I actually liked the smaller local beach because of the entertainment of the local kids and their kites. They showed us this beach. You will see them flying own build kites from building bags, some rope and a wooden stick. They are always willing to help you and taking care of your stuff. Never to far away for launching or landing your kite! Always happy and on the beach. The only thing the might ask if they are allowed to borrow your kite, no is no but if you say yes… you make the time of their life! The are really good kiters and teach each other how to, with the own made kite and than with old kites. Pretty cool to see how they do everything and share …. An example for a lot of us!!!  They talk only Portugese or with hand and feeds. Notice: here it will be busy with 4 kiters and there are some stones lying around, the fisherman use this bay as well.


cropped-DSC07036-2.jpg                            Kitesurfing_travel_barra_Grande_brasil

Its ALWAYS windy in Barra Grande.. you don`t need big kites. In the morning if you are lucky you can have a light wind session (perfect together with low tide) and later on the day the wind will switch on and be around 35 + knots.  No matter what the tide or wind, the water is warm so leave your wetsuit at home or use it as sun protection 😉 I only used the 5m in December, for everything: foiling, freestyle and wave!


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