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Travel by air

To find the cheapest tickets with flexible dates I always use Skyscanner. You can select the date but also the whole month, perfect! They also have the everywhere option… easy to check which destinations are the cheapest to fly to.

Momondo is also working nicely with flexible dates. Both sites offer a service for a price alert, if the price is getting lower or higher.


Money exchange

If you like a better rate than the banks give you, you should use Moneycrop. It’s a perfect way for travelers to change money, online money exchange, a cash pick-up ad international prepaid cards.



To find accommodation all over the world, is an easy way. And a lot of time with great last minute deals. You can find accommodation in all different budget classes.

If is not working out I always use hostelword. There are always cheap hostels and beds to find at this site, a great selection. I like them also, because the site is easy and they make some nice downloadable guides. The costumer service is nice as well, if your booked bed isn`t available for some reason, your next booking you will have 50 dollars free to spend.



I always try to find the cheapest taxi, so never pay in dollars, always in the local currency. Preferable taxis with a set rate. A lot of times there are applications available for the taxi, In Bali I used for instance: Bleu Bird Taxi . . you can choose your driver, see the rate, see when the driver is arriving and if his driving s bad you can comment straight away. You can pay in cash and with all bankcards.

At Bali there is the GrabTaxi App (Also getting populair in Malesia, Thailand and Singapore), by this App local people can notice there selves as taxi driver. The app shows you who is ready for a drive and what the costs are. You can choose the location where they have to pick you up and the location where they have to drop you off. This is the half of the rice the normal taxis ask. With this app you can pay in cash, with the App Uber you need a credit card.  Some people keep on telling that these taxis are illegal but the gouvernement state that they are legal.