Why you always need to go on wintersport the very last moment.

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Honestly, I never thought I would go on wintersport in April. Everybody is always talking about the snow that is slush or frozen or only on the shade side of the mountain. The slopes are of bad quality and the funpark is closed. Well, I really did go on wintersport and it was great! Cheap and a lot of snow. All the hotels are making offers the last weekend/weeks of the season and all-inclusive is the best value for your money.

Enjoying the last snow in Alpe d’Huez in France, nothing wrong with that I discovered. Although I am Dutch and this mountain in Holland, is known as a famous cycling mountain rather than a ski area. The highest point of the Alpe ‘d Huez is 3330 m and the lowest point 1450m. This means that the gletchers have always snow – summer skiing. It was not busy at all, the slopes where empty and no que in front of the lift. Perfect!


The slopes

The slopes where fine, I haven’t seen any slush. Okay only in the valley, but there was no snow at all, has never been all season long. Although there was a slope open down to the valley, not perfect quality but fine. The government even flew the snow from the top of the mountains till the lower slope so there was a valley descent all snow season long. But you could also take the cable car down, a safer (for your materials) and quicker option.

When beginner you can take the cable car up or do your first try outs on the bottom of the mountain where some of the beginners get their lessons in little snow. Beginner or not take the cable car up and your eyes will be opened, snow all over the place. The cable car will have a connection all the way to the top where you can choose different routes down or choose to make rounds along the top the whole day. The green routes (turtle routes) are the really easy ones, really easy, you might have to walk. The blue ones are nice for some touring and sightseeing. The red ones get more exciting, this is the biggest part of the earea. Than you have the black tracks, these ones will be adventurous but nice if you’re level is good enough. There are also some nice off-piste tracks. All the slopes are nicely prepared. Check the map for the best route through the whole playground.

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Sightseeing & Fun 

Visit the Panorama view or the Iglo. And make sure you take the train up to the highest point, along the track of the train trough the mountain you can see the snow stored for the days the slopes need some extra. Also at the top you can see the slopestyle its incredible to see. From the last point, the ski lifts go, there is a possibility some times a day to go behind the snowmobile to the other side the real highest point of Alpe d’Huez.  Finally, the funparks where open during this time of the year and in good condition. There where funparks for kids, families and the pros. Perfect to work on your skills.


The owners of the hotel even told us that this was the most snow they saw the whole season! keep an eye on travilbird for the offers!

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